How to screen capture video using Movavi screen capturer?

If you want to design a professional looking screen cast, then you will want to make use of the Movavi screen capturer. Having a screen cast that looks professional is vital for your presentations. This software enables you to make your own screen cast in four easy methods. You need to set the recording parameters, record the screen videos, edit the videos when you want, and save the results in the format that you want it to be in.

Set the screen capturing parameters

Using this tool, you can set the capturing parameters of your screen. You can adjust the frames of your videos and record your videos at 60 fps. The frames of your videos are crucial for you to be able to get the right angle and view them properly. So, when you are setting your screen capture videos, it should be done seriously.

Depending on your video comfort, you will want to set the parameters.

Set the recording area you want

Setting the recording area is another thing that needs to be done. You can capture parts of the screen which you want when making your videos. Before you capture the screens, you need to set the recording. You can do that making sure you have your audio and video devices in working manner.

The microphones and MIDI devices must be kept ready to use. In some videos you might want to record your voice. That usually happens when you are going to give a presentation or for professional reasons.

Save your video

Movavi video capture software lets you save your clips in MP4, MOV, AVI, and other popular media formats. Also, you’ll find a wide selection of ready-made presets for mobile devices. You can also share videos on YouTube and other social media sites. The videos can be saved in a flash with the new SuperSpeed mode.

The system requirements

  • You need a computer system having Microsoft Windows XP*/Vista/7/8 having up-to-date patches installed.
  • The computer system must have Intel or AMD or compatible processors with 1 GHz.

With so many features of the Movavi screen capture software, you will want to use it.

Creating a Quiz or taking a Poll on the iPad

I love the fact that the iPad can be used to assess student understanding instantly. I think these Quiz and Poll apps actually give the students the power to direct lessons as opposed to teachers making assumptions about where their kids are at in their learning. Below is a list of apps that allow teachers to create and hold a quiz or poll in their class. A great way to start a lesson to ensure you pitch the lesson at the right level or even to use as a exit poll. Find one that suits you and your students.

Socrative: FREE
Socrative brings smart clickers and student response  to a whole new level. Engage the classroom with exercises and games while capturing student results in real-time. Interact with the data to further student understanding in the moment, and review the reports to prepare for future classes.

eClicker: FREE
eClicker is a personal response system that allows teachers to poll their class during a lesson. It provides teachers with the real-time feedback they need to be sure their messages are being received. eClicker leverages the hardware already in the hands of many students providing a polling solution for the classroom.

The Answer Pad: FREE

An ideal tool for your flipped or blended classroom. The interactives provide six different ways to take a snapshot of student understanding in the classroom.  Draw feature allows students to draw their answer or annotate on a customisable template such as an axis or graph paper or your own custom graphics.

Show of Hands: FREE
Show of Hands is an easy-to-use real-time polling tool. Use the powerful SOH engine to ask your own questions. With it, you can get anonymous answers and have instant discussions with your own work teams, friends, fellow hobbyists or fans, classmates, family members, customers.

Polltogo: FREE
Create a quick poll or quiz on the go. Each polltogo poll has a unique short URL and QR code that you can share with your students, audience, readers, etc., for instant feedback on any topic or question. Voting/Participation in polls you create can done using ANY mobile device, tablet or desktop browser.

PollDaddy: FREE
Engage your survey respondents with Polldaddy for iOS -they’ll enjoy the intuitive interface for responding to your questions and the speed of the application. Checkboxes, dropdown menus and text fields have all been optimized for your iPad or iPhone’s touchscreen.

Vote Kiosk: FREE
Vote Kiosk improves every stage of the voting process in a classroom. This mobile app streamlines the voting process by improving voting organization, encouraging student participation, and enhancing data management. Vote Kiosk ensures reliable, fast, and convenient voting/survey activities.

iResponse: $0.99 AU
The iResponse is an intuitive and easy to use classroom responder system that allows for in-the-moment student-teacher interaction. Works with a stand-alone network router. iResponse provides teachers with the ability to integrate the iDevice into their class sessions, creating an interactive learning experience.

Poll Runner: FREE
PollRunner lets you instantly create, serve and manage polls from your iPad.  This is an app for running pop-quizzes in classrooms or asking for feedback at different touch-points. Simply create your poll and invite participants. Respondents submit their votes online through any modern web browser.

Polar: FREE
Polar is a super-fast and fun way to collect and share opinions on just about anything — no matter where you are. Quickly create great looking polls and let anyone vote or share them privately in chat. Use your own photos or search the Web for the perfect image. You can instantly see new votes and comments on your polls.

TapPoll: $2.99 AU
TapPoll is a quiz and polling app for iDevices. It can be used for studying or even polling in the classroom. Polls are for live, instant feedback. The results of a poll are graphed instantly on as responses are being made on the devices. This is great for classroom feedback.

Soundnote: Multimedia Note Taking on iPad

This is essential just the advertisement for Soundnote but it is the type of App that many teachers could see their students using. It is about connecting their notes with images and the audio. For many students it is the audio or the graphics that are connected to their notes that are the important memory devices, this tool allows you to combine all three. This would be great for lectures, recording a demo in a prac subject or even documenting the procedure for a Science experiment. This is the simple type of app that will really convince both staff and the students that the iPad can be beneficial in the educational setting.
This would also be perfect for teacher use when used in conjunction with iPad mirroring on a data projector. Explaining concepts or difficult steps in a mathematical equation just became a whole lot easier. The process could be explained, recorded and then distributed to students to replay whenever they were unsure of the procedure.

SoundNote is the best way to take notes on your iPad. It tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you’ll never worry about missing an important detail. While playing back your recording, just tap a word; SoundNote will jump right to that point in the audio.
Use SoundNote’s powerful drawing tool for quick sketches. It’s easy to edit them, too. Tap a drawing to select it, or tap twice to select an individual stroke. From there, you can drag it to wherever you want, or tap “Delete” to get rid of it. Use two fingers to zoom and scroll.
SoundNote is perfect for students. If you ever fall asleep in class, don’t worry — SoundNote’s got your back. Just tap what you wrote while you were awake, and SoundNote will play the audio to help you fill in the blanks.
SoundNote is also great for journalists. Ever miss an important detail during an interview and have to skim through your entire recording to find out what it was? With SoundNote, just tap a word from that part of the interview — it’ll play back what you missed.
When you’re done, share your text, drawings, and audio notes via email, or transfer them directly to your Mac or PC. Audio notes are recorded in standard M4A format: One hour of high quality audio is only 20MB.

Hidden Control Panel accessed from your Screen

This is a quick and easy how-to from the guys over at How to Geek. It is a basic one but useful in its simplicity. Your students may not be aware of this feature. Enjoy!!!

If you upgraded to the latest iOS release on your iPad, only to figure out that the screen orientation lock doesn’t work anymore, here’s how to lock the screen using the new, annoying method.

We’re definitely irritated with Apple for making this change—the hardware screen lock was one of the best features of the iPad, and now it’s gone. At least you can still lock it.

Locking the Screen Orientation
Start by holding the iPad in the direction you’d like to lock it, and then press the Home button twice quickly, like a double-click.

The new task switcher will show up at the bottom of the screen, and then you’ll want to slide your finger over to the right to access the new screen hidden on the left.

Once you can see the new screen, click the button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen, and it will lock.

If you wanted to lock the iPad in landscape mode, you’d have to hold it in landscape mode before going through all of this.

Once in this Control Panel you also have access to your Screen Brightness, Volume Control and Play, Rewind and Skip buttons for your Music.

iPads in Education

Amy Estes was invited as a guest blogger over at Appolicious Advisor. The article is a quick overview of how apps can be used in the classroom. It is really a good look at how easy incorporating some of these apps can be. It is not necessarily about making the whole lesson iPad based but rather using apps when they can concrete a particular concept or re-inforce an idea you are teaching to your students. Sometimes it might just be the research component or a warm up activity, it is about the authenticity of the use and the power of the interactive manipulation that makes the learning more powerful for the students.

Amy Estes is a high school English teacher residing in Sacramento, CA. When she’s not teaching, she loves cheering on the San Francisco Giants, playing with her iPhone and iPad, and writing her blog, Just A Titch.
I have been teaching English to middle and high school students for over four years now, and I can personally attest to the fact that iPads in the classroom are a game-changer. Today’s students are modern and computer-savvy and desperately seeking something that will hold their attention. At home, they’re surrounded by the latest technology, but schools have not caught up to these trends. We wonder why students are bored, but if you examine all of the technology they get to play with, and compare it to the books and tools used in our classrooms, it’s no surprise that they prefer to spend hours on YouTube and playing with their iPods. Schools need to catch up, and use of iPads in the classroom is one inspiring way to do so.
Schools all over the United States are putting iPads in the hands of their students because of the enormous benefits of using electronic devices. Students can use apps to help stay organized, utilize cloud computing in order to collaborate with both peers and teachers, and make use of amazing iPad apps across all disciplines.
Read the full article:

15 Presentation Apps for the iPad

As teachers one of the most important aspects of our day is the way that we present information. It does not really matter what our pedagogical philosophy is, at one point or another during the day we all need to present. If we are going to use the iPad in our classroom shouldn’t we be modelling to our students the appropriate apps or presentation tools.
We have earmarked 15 Presentation Apps for the iPad that coupled with a VGA adaptor will allow you to present with ease and elegance. Whether in the classroom, the network meeting or even the Boardroom.
No.1 Keynote:

Keynote for iPad is almost as powerful as the Mac desktop application. This is a powerful presentation tool that has animations, slide transition and all the features to make professional slides on the run. It allows you to open templates with graphics already inserted. These are simply placeholders that disappear when you drop your own graphics over the frame. This is purposely built to work seemlessly on the iPad and to allow the user to incorporate other aspects of the iWork suite. Perfect addition to any homepage.
No. 2 OmnigraphSketcher:

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad allows you to quickly create high-quality charts and graphs without the need for complicated data plotting software. The simple, intuitive interface automatically turns your freehand sketches into elegant, professional graphs. Behind the scenes, OmniGraphSketcher takes care of all the mathematical details so your graphs don’t just look good, they’re beautifully precise.
No.3 2Screens:

2Screens is a fully featured application for document manager, web browser, file viewer and whiteboard with VGA-output to outside projector or LCD monitor. The various tabs mean you can control the screen with PDF files, spreadsheets, web content and photos or images files & show your presentation easily. You can mark whiteboard tab while still using the current slide as the background. A PDF picture engine is available for fast PDF loading and allowing thumbnail display. During the presentation, a thumbnail of the PDF slides are shown in the “Slide Navigator” for easy preview.

No.4 Office2:

For those people who do not have the luxury of working in an all MAc workplace – Office² HD. You can view, edit and create Microsoft Word compatible documents and Microsoft Excel compatible workbooks on the iPad. Additionally, Office² HD acts as a local file store, letting you store and view files of most types. Office² HD also integrates with Google Docs and MobileMe iDisk, giving you access to your valuable data, wherever you are.
No.5 Numbers:

You can create tables and charts, add photos and graphics and enter and edit data — all with your fingers. Numbers isn’t just a spreadsheet application — it’s a flexible canvas. Which means you can add multiple tables and charts anywhere on a sheet and move them wherever you like. Drag your finger on a table to add, delete or move columns and rows. With a tap, enter and edit data.With Numbers on iPad, you can open Numbers and Microsoft Excel files. It works the other way around, too.
No.6 PowerPresenter:

PowerPresenter is an app that lets you display local PDFs, websites or even draw on the screen as a white board. Through the Web, you can display not just HTML but PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, RTF files and iWork files. This all requires Internet connection, but if you know you do not have a connection save them as local files.
No.7 Documents2Go:

Documents to Go has been around for a while so big things were expected from them on the iPad and for the most part, Docs to Go doesn’t disappoint. Docs to Go is a single app that supports a wide array of files for viewing and Office files for editing. The launch screen is divided into several sections; Local files, Desktop files, Online files, Recents, Search and Settings. Yes, Docs to Go has a very robust means to access your files and search them. A excellent app for working on documents on the go.
No.8 Quick Office:

Quickoffice Connect allows users to create new documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, import and edit documents and lastly but not least view PDF files. These capabilities alone aren’t unique: other Apps support editing and saving documents in Microsoft’s established formats. What makes Quickoffice Connect stand out from the pack of iPad office suite pack is its professional interface and a solid, straightforward document management system.
No.9 Prezi Viewer for iPad:

Show your Prezi on your iPad. Drag to pan, and pinch to zoom in or out of topics – just like you do in any map app. The Prezi Viewer lets you show your prezi as your meeting or conversation develops – in the exhibit hall or office hallway. Show your prezis anywhere With the Prezi Viewer app, you can show your prezis on your iPad on a portable, lightweight device – anywhere you go. Use it intuitively, instead of clicking on buttons, you can leverage the touchscreen to simply pan and pinch to zoom and move around the prezi. Keep the focus on your prezi. On the iPad, you can show your prezi without the distractions of multiple, open browser windows.

No.10 Roambi Visualiser:

Roambi Lite is a free online publishing tool that transforms your Excel data into interactive charts and graphs – and instantly sends them to any iPad. This is an excellent tool with fantastic graphics. Its unique user experience lets you quickly and intuitively access and analyze up-to-the-minute company information for faster, smarter decisions – whenever and wherever you make them. Wow any audience with these charts and graphics when presenting your data.
No.11 Instaviz:

Sketch some rough shapes and lines, and Instaviz magically turns them into beautifully laid-out diagrams. Throw away the exercise books and paper napkins, Instaviz will figure it out for you. Brainstorm and conceptualize like you use pencil and paper, without a pesky interface getting in your way. Then with a couple of taps, share your diagrams with friends and colleagues through email and web.
No.12 Idea Board:

This is a simple to use whiteboard app available for the iPad. It is a easy way for you to record your ideas anywhere. It provides a clean end product with excellent sketch facilities especially when you use the graph paper. Good to use for recording students brainstorms or discussions.
No.13 Easy Chart HD:

In Easy Chart HD you can create line, bar, pie and sidebar charts easily. This application provides you simple and beautiful charts on your iPad. You can save in photos in different sizes like small, medium and large. You can also able to use this application without an internet connection. With a connection you can link your chart to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Simple beautiful charts.
No.14 Corkulous:

This is a great little app for creating idea boards. It has the ability to use labels or notes to record ideas as they happen. It incorporates to do lists and can import contacts from your address book. It also allows the user to paste up photos on an ever-increasing board to records your whole thought process. The app also allow for pinch zooming in order to go back and check the details of all those ideas.
No.15 Sadin’sWiteboard:

Transform your iPad into a presentation screen with Whiteboard. Whiteboard lets you connect to a TV or projection system using an Apple VGA or composite/component video-out cable and draw directly to an external screen using standard whiteboard markers and erasers.

Dictionaries on the iPad FREE
Everything you love about on the iPhone is now available on the iPad! The free app for iPad delivers trusted reference content from and No internet connection is needed to search words. The app includes nearly 2 million words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms. 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: FREE
Most useful and respected dictionary, designed and enhanced especially for iPad. In addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers voice search – to let you look up a word without having to spell it – along with an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, Word of the Day, Favorites, and more.

Wordbook: $1.99 AU
WordBook is a comprehensive, quick and intuitive dictionary and thesaurus of the English language. It’s a great combination of comprehensive contents and fast intuitive interface. 150,000 entries with more than 220,000 definitions, 70,000 usage samples. 23,000 root word origins (etymologies). 

WordWeb English Dictionary: FREE
The WordWeb English dictionary and thesaurus: fast searching, spelling suggestions, definitions, usage examples, synonyms, related words – and no adverts. An offline audio version is available separately.  The intelligent word entry suggests possible correct spellings as you type, as well as listing words that sound the same or are often confused. 

Dictionary!: FREE
Dictionary is an easy to use, no fluff dictionary app for your iDevice. Helps you find words when you need to without getting in your way. The entire dictionary is installed on your Device.  If you have a connection you can look it up online for a more detailed definition. Built the way a dictionary should be!

Blends: $1.99 AU
Blends is a simple and fun dictionary for the english language. Simple and fun interface design. Browse through relationships to find the best suited word. Examples, synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms and more. Based on the Princeton University WordNet Project. Save bookmarks, navigate and view your history. 

Dictionary for iPad: $2.99 AU
Dictionary is a consistentand  hyperlinked English illustrated dictionary and thesaurus, spell checker, vocabulary builder and Wikipedia browser.  Equally useful as a dictionary with intelligent word lookup, as a fast spell checker or as a Wikipedia web browser, Dictionary is fast and easy to use.

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus: FREE 
Instead of following the standard dictionary format, the WordNet dictionary is organized with an innovative and convenient approach. In addition to the straightforward definition the dictionary shows how each word is linked to other words in terms of synonyms, opposites and similar words, but also hyponyms and hyperlinks within the group.

Concise English Dictionary: $0.99 AU
Concise English Dictionary is a premium quality reference for the English language. It is fast, reliable, up-to-date and really easy to use. You will love it! Concise English Dictionary is developed by the author of the best-selling English Dictionary for Symbian and Blackberry – UIQ Open and Handango People’s Choice award winner!

Dictionary: $1.99 AU
Dictionary is an intuitive, talking and integrated English illustrated dictionary and thesaurus, spell checker, vocabulary builder and wikipedia browser. Equally useful as a dictionary with intelligent word lookup, as a fast spell checker or as a Wikipedia web browser, Dictionary is fast and easy to use.

Apps for Researching the Rainforest

The Rainforest as a topic gives students so many choices; endangered fauna and flora, changing eco-systems, deforestation, medicinal herbs, native title or sustainability. Rainforests also provide a good analogy for what is happening with the rest of the planet. If students become aware of the impact that man has on the environment we may be able to get them to tread more lightly within their own environment. Here are some great apps to assist in the research of rainforest habitats.

Taronga Zoo Rainforest Heroes: FREE
Experience Taronga Zoo’s Asia rainforest trail. Create a PDF field report using photographs you have taken, observations you have made and information you have collected. Email this report to yourself, your friends or your teacher. Can you solve the mystery of ‘Real Heroes’ on this Taronga Zoo – Rainforest Heroes?

Taronga Zoo Wild Australia: FREE
Discover the diversity and uniqueness of Australia’s wildlife. Explore the fascinating Wild Australia trails at Taronga Zoo. Create your own PDF posters using the photographs you take, observations you make and information you collect and then email the posters to yourself, your friends or your teacher.

Pepi Tree: $1.99 AU
Pepi Tree is an educational game focusing on a tree as an eco-system or – using simpler words – a home for different animals. Children get to know many facts about them: what they look like, what they eat and where exactly they live – in the branches, on the leaves or under the ground, when they sleep and more.

Wilder Quest – Nature Discovery: FREE
Ever wondered about the mysteries of Australia’s subtropical rainforests? Take a peak inside a virtual ecosystem and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our natural landscape. Track down critters including the Spotted-tailed Quoll or the Land Mullet and create your very own photo album!

Britannica Kids: Rainforest:
Explore the world’s rainforests and the unique animals, plants and people which inhabit them in this latest addition to the Britannica Kids series. Explore the earth’s rainforests through a wealth of amazing images (which you can e-mail to friends!) videos and informative articles.

Amazon Rainforest Discovery: $1.99 AU
Five different worlds of animals, from crocodiles and dolphins, to chameleons, hummingbirds, jaguars and toucans. Diversity is everywhere! Teaching children interesting facts about each animal and helping them learn something new.

Wildlife Detective: FREE
Play Wildlife Detective protecting animals in the forest. Forests NSW harvests trees but before they do foresters check for all kinds of animals. Foresters take care to protect any rare and endangered species. Look for animal clues such as feathers and burrows that tell them what animals might be living there.

Rainforest Survival Challenge: $0.99 AU
Take the ultimate challenge and learn about rainforest conservation! Help your animals and plants survive in the Amazon with this app designed to challenge and educate children. Learn about the interconnections between the species that call the Amazon home one of the most delicate ecosystems on Earth.

Deep in the Rainforest: $1.99 AU
Your children will learn about the Amazon Rainforest through fun and games by traveling with Amanda. The journey begins when Amanda meets a native boy, Yapariwa, who is looking for his lost brother Atu. As they walk through the rainforest they will discover interesting facts about animals and learn important values of diversity and respect.

Amazing Rainforest: $0.99 AU
This enchanting app captivates a young reader with 17 informative videos on exotic animals from the mysterious rainforests of Asia and South America. It is designed to help a child to acquire knowledge on these animals using the documentary videos, 100s of fun facts and picture galleries.

The Human Body – Inquiry Apps

Inquiry Learning is one of the areas that many schools are now investigating. It is a great way to incorporate student choice and student voice. One of the many schools I had the privilege to visit this year had a Year 4 class using the inquiry model to investigate the Human Body. These students each went off on their own learning paths negotiated with their teachers. What they produced was fantastic. Many of these apps were identified by the students themselves and we added a couple of other worthwhile apps for this unit next year.

The Human Body: $3.99 AU
Explore an animated and interactive model of the body. The heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe. Designed for kids to discover what we’re made of and how we work. Six layers of the body teach basic human anatomy through the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.

This is My Body: $1.99 AU
Learn the principles of human anatomy in a playful and engaging way. Created by a team of medical doctors, educators and parents “This is my body – Anatomy for kids” features informations about all important aspects of the human body – all within in a beautifully designed and illustrated app!

Discover your Body: $0.99 AU
Discover Your Body HD is a funny and educational application for kids and adults. It allows you to explore the human body, learning about its organs and parts. Stunning graphics, crystal-clear sound with a professional native speaker, funny sound effects – it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in an iPad app.

Clever Crazes You and Your Insides: FREE
In this, one of the many Clever Crazes worlds, students will examine the human body including: skeletal, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive and nervous systems. Kids will also learn about growth and development taking place through life cycles. Great animations and presented in an informative way.

Anatomy Browser: FREE
Anatomy Browser is a human anatomy catalog which allows you to peel away layers of the body and identify muscles, organs, and systems of the body in full 3D. With the ability to adjust the transparency of each layer, you’ll be able to easily identify the relationship of organs to each other as well as their names!

Experience Life: $8.99 AU
Through the nervous system’s response to external stimuli, we relate to other living beings and to our surroundings. Our senses receive stimuli; the nervous system processes the information and responds in the most appropriate manner; then, the musculoskeletal system implements the action.

Body Organs for Kids: $0.99 AU
Learning about the human body? Do your students know where the spleen is and what is its purpose ? Do they know that one lung is smaller than the other ? Do they know that the hairs in their nose traps allergens and dust. This are some of the information your students will learn from this app.

Build a Body: FREE
Learn about the body’s major organ systems with an excerpt from Spongelab’s stunning Build-a-Body series. Choose organs from the organ tray, drag and drop them in their correct position within the body to build each system. Complete all systems and then assemble them into a complete body.

Anatomy 4D: FREE
4D Anatomy allows students to interact with complex information with unprecedented ease, speed, and depth. Completely interactive 4D Anatomy takes viewers inside the human body via a simple-to-use 3-dimensional learning environment. Perfect for use in the classroom.

Bones for Kids: $1.99 AU
Bones for Kids is a fun app that teaches several things about the Human Skeleton. Names and position of bones in a human skeleton plus a brief and simple description of the bones. There is a gallery as well as a Bones Quiz to help kids learn the names and shapes of bones.

100 iPad Tips and Tricks for 2011

This post has some of the tips and tricks that we have seen before, however it also covers some of the basics that you might have forgotten or would be really handy to a new iPad owner. There were quite a few things here that I had not seen before and will find really useful. It is a well written and easy to read guide to getting the most from your iPad. It is set out with images and graphics that let you know you are on the right track. Worth checking out.